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Packing guide
writer:iXPRESS跨境集运 published time:2018-09-17

Please send all items in EXPORT WORTHY PACKING

1. External packaging – all goods must have external packaging that covers 100%

2. Internal packaging – all goods should be packed tightly and snugly , fill up the empty space in between

3. Irregular package – place irregular sized items in a large box and fill the empty space in between

4. Fragile items – packing in protective material and be labelled with a fragile sticker

5. Transport handling – goods must be able to withstand normal impact during transportation

· Consolidation of multiple items into courier plastic bag  – add $ 2.00 per bag.

· Consolidation and repackaging multiple items into Jute bag – add $ 2.00  per bag.

· Consolidation and repacking multiple items into carton box – add $ 5.00 per carton box.

All goods that  send to our designated warehouse will be subject to our in-house storeman  visual inspection ( open to preview the contents only , we will  NOT check on the quality or quantity ) . This is the new directive from  Guangzhou Baiyun District Police until further notice

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